Pirjo Levandi - singer (sopran)

Thank you! Really super album! The wonderful, adorable voice and a nice mix. Good luck and many enjoyable performances.

Silvi Vrait-Wright - singer and teacher

I remember Yvetta's exceptional timbre from long time ago and once I caught myself thinking briefly that I had not heard her for a while.

I left the thought there.

That's why it gives even more pleasure to listen to this duo now, when her voice holds more of worldly wisdom and shades, plus her minimalistic and delightfully melodic piano playing and the double bass congenially blending into the airy picture.

Laine Jänes -Estonian Minister of Culture

Very good mix of you! Good luck to you!

Jüri Leiten -
Director of the Estonian Concert

Tõnis, thank you for the CD. On long car rides to the St. Peterburg this helped me a lot! Very mellow! Say special thakns also to Yvetta!

Maryn E. Coote groovy-jazz-funk musican

About a new CD Secret Marriage:

As I was listening to the first song, it reminded me of my own beginning, when I only sang and listened to such old jazz music. Yvetta has a good "grown-up" timbre. :-)  

Mikk Targo - musican and manager

I would definitely play this disc in my new Internet radio station. Very good album!

Gerli Padar - singer and TV presenter

Not only I don't like this album, but also to my father, who listened to it several times now. Very good album! I recommend everyone to listen.

View the video clip by clicking here >>

Airi Allvee - laulja

About a new CD Secret Marriage:

Something like that is not in itself a long time I kept ... I can tell you that when I put the first track on the first play bars - then I became "green with envy", because seriously - so much good music, and especially Yvetta, who is a very good singer and instrumentalist.

Listen for sure!

View the video clip by clicking here >>

Kai-Mai Olbri - painter, poet

"Tell me, bird of " the author of the song, about the melody:

Yvetta has hit ten with her music - inside there is all that I wanted to say in my poem.

Listen here >>

Kristjan Randalu - musican

I recommend everyone to listen. Very good taste!

Iris Oja - mezzo-soprano

About a new CD Secret Marriage:

was very enjoyable, the children listened with pleasure:) perfect for such a warm, rainy afternoon ... cool :)

Avo Raup - radio voice and educator

I was still of the opinion that my tastes do not offer quite the radical-makers like Neil Sedaka anything. And then came the advice - listen to the Gourmet Duo's version of Sedaka "Laughter In The Rain". I listened. And I liked it very much! I even started to google about that song to know more. And I now have a plot how to turn the whole evening with the Gourmet Duo!